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EDM wire cutting uses a metallic wire to cut a programmed contour in a workpiece. Extrusion dies and blanking punches are very often machined by wire cutting. Cutting is always through the entire workpiece. To start machining it is first necessary to drill a hole in the workpiece or start from the edge. EDM wire cutting uses a metallic wire to cut a programmed contour in a workpiece.


EDM is a thermal material removal process in which material is removed by local melting or vaporizing small areas at the surface of workpiece. EDM finds its application in machining of hard metals which cannot be machined easily by conventional metal cutting processes. Use of tungsten carbide for the electrode, will most likely need to EDM this, or we can machine it, but it is not so machinable.


This needs a lot of patience as well, burning carbide is much slower than burning steel. EDM (electrical discharge machining) is a non traditional metal machining process that uses spark erosion to remove material from the workpiece. An electrical discharge (spark) is created between an electrode which is usually a wire, and the piece to be machined.


our operators have been in the company for long years and are experienced more than 10 years in the CNC Machine Field.


Our Programmers are well trained and knowledgeable in the AutoCAD and cad micron that are computer related cad software’s.

Best Awards

High Profile owns the Quality Award by checking the quality of the job before delivering it to the customer.

Training Rules in Company

Each person will be trained at least one year to do dialling of the job using various instruments provided in the company.

Quality Cross Check

The Cross Check of the job in the quality inspection leads to a perfect finishing and outcome of the job.

Small Drill Machine Statement

The Billing Statement was provided in the company sends the job checked and stated before preparing the delivery challan of the job with the invoice copy.

Small Drill Machine Servicing

In Servicing Section each job will be sent to the customers and the time depends on the distance of the customer company from our company.

24-Hour Help

The Continuous help will be given to the customer when the job is given, and they have the benefit of contact us 24 hours by calling.

High Level Engineers

We have the high-level engineers in the company and many employees have a minimum 5 years to 10 years’ experience and with the help of this we achieve our goal.

About Small Drill Machine

We Have a tool room that consists of six CNC Machines and EDM hole drilling machine in the company and each one is made and manufactured by the SODICK who is one of the top manufacturers in the CNC machine making segment.

Members of the Team

Our main members of the company consist of lot of segments from operators, quality inspectors, accountants, programmers.

Safety Arrangement

We have the safety arrangements like life insurance and health insurance for each and every member works in the company and also depositing amount in their account for emergency purposes.

Backup of Power

We have a strong backup of Power for each CNC machines was provided with a separate ups support and we can run a machine almost a day without a power supply.

Get Discount Price Quote

Get a discounted price quote if you are a regular customer to the company and contact us and tell us the budget of your job for each material.

Get Notified of The Job

Our Customers can get notified about the progress of the job by contacting us through phone and get notified in the email and what’s app feature.

Recently Asked Questions


Do you provide any suggestion for programming of our job??

ANS: Yes, sir we do provide suggestion for your job through the programmer for the finish8ing and quality of the job.


What is the experience of your operators?

ANS: Dear sir our operators have the minimum of 5 years’ experience in handling the job thank you.

Top Inspection


CNC wire cut drilling process of the job is quality

Rith Vika

small hole EDM machine job is great!!

Recently Completed Job

We had done a CNC wire cut Job for one of the best companies in India named


We had done a CNC hole EDM drill cut Job for one of the best companies in India named CRP India.

We had done a wire EDM Drilling Job for one of the best companies in India named Ashwin Cold Forge.

Super Drill Machine Tool Room

We are proud, to say that we have a tool room with the sparking machine and six CNC Machine by SODICK and two VMC machine by Makino and two EDM drilling machines.

Cleaning Process

The job looks completely shining and Accurate according to the customer according to the cleaning process the Each and Every job will be finished by putting it in a special acid and treating the holes with the removal of wire mark of the job.

Super Drill Machine Problem Resolution

We have the Top-level employees in our company in the problem-solving segment and even if there is any mistake, we will rework the job and solve the problem by delivering the accurate job to the customer.

Super Drill Machine Infrastructure

We have a 4000 square ft area and consist of many sections the accountant section is filled with computers and printers to supply the invoice and delivery challan to the customer and the quality section is provided to check the quality of each job and Tool room is provided with complete AC for the CNC machine and super drill EDM machine and VMC machines.

Computer Program

We have the Best Computer Programmers in the company, and they will do the computer program for the job that includes the programming software AutoCAD software that helps the machine to understand the job.

Samples of Work

We have attached the sample work under each category of the job in each section and the samples were attached to the machine by which the samples are done.